When You Have A "Virtual" Jackson Career and Life Coach You Give Yourself 7 Amazing Advantages over Everyone Else In The Job Market!
Jackson Career & Life Coaching provides you with 7 advantages, let's take a look:
Advantage One: Virtual Consulting WORKS!
You receive coaching via our 800 numbers and information through e-mail or hard mail. Resumes, career assessment tests, and custom coaching guidance are easily delivered to you and the testimonials of our thrilled clients speak to the effectiveness of this material.
Advantage Two: It's Super Easy and Convenient
Instant resources and support delivered to you -- in the comfort of your home or office. No commuting, no lines, no hassles. This is the ultimate in convenience and simplicity.
Advantage three: It Saves Time
When you can get instant information it leaves you more time to absorb the material and put it into action. This is a huge advantage over others who don't have this kind of access.
Advantage Four: It's Flexible
You gain your coach's expert advice, motivation, tools and resources consistently -- no matter where you are or where you relocate to. We're here for you in every corner of the globe, just a mouse click or phone call away.
Advantage Five: It's Affordable
Most professionals gain distinct career advantages in the form of meeting their professional goals including salary goals and securing key positions as a direct result of the help they gain through a modest investment in themselves (i.e. hiring a career coach, resume writer or marketer) Working "virtually" yields a tremendous value and immediate help. Additionally, career services are often tax deductible -- though you will want to check with your CPA on this!
Advantage Six: Nationwide and Industry Expertise
Most "virtual" coaches have loads of experience virtually in all areas of the nation and in a multiplicity of industries. You will be able to tap into that expertise any time you wish.
Advantage Seven: It's GREEN!
You are using a limited amount of natural resources through work with a "virtual" coach!
This is a game changing opportunity for you. You can either maintain the status quo or you can boldly go in the direction of a lucrative, rewarding career.
Your first Life Coaching session is FREE
There's no obligation but the one to
yourself and your success!
There are more people looking for work now than in any time in history, so the more advantages you have the greater your chances of coming out on top.
What some of our Clients say about us:
"I wanted to let you know that after a year and a half job search I have taken a position as Director of Business Development for a boutique Advertising/Consulting firm called Junction-Creative Solutions. The job has virtually everything I was looking for in terms of a dream position... and the best part is they found me! I am a true believer in LinkedIn now!! Thank you for all your help- couldn't havedone it without you!" Sara Burgett
"WOW! I knew today's coaching session was going to be valuable, but had no idea just how comprehensive it would be! Thanks for opening my eyes far greater than they were to the world of today's job search. You went far beyond most business transactions I have encountered in today's "take it or leave it" self-centered world. Truly, a pay-it-forward policy that creates a win-win environment.

As indicated in your comments, one's mind is a force that has to be consciously controlled otherwise many of us (self included) will be limited to dusty, old models of thinking that cannot deal with the prevailing speed of change today. Your review of the "Holy Trinity"

(Linkedin,Facebook and Twitter) brought clarity to the power of a set of tools that can be quite complex, if you let them. The main thing is to stay focused on the goal with consistent, routine action that is supported with the 21st century resume model we spent time on.

Thank you (and your staff) for your interest in providing your talents, guidance, and knowledge to us and the many others that have come before and will (unfortunately) come after us."
Gregg Sinclair
Your first Life Coaching session is FREE
There's no obligation but the one to
yourself and your success!

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